Frequently Asked Questions

How to make the reservation?

To confirm the reservation we give you the bank account number for you to deposit 20% of the total amount.

Is it easy to park near the apartment?

Yes, it is at the end of town, there aren´t parking problems there.

Is it possible to have a cradle?

Yes, but you have to tell us in advance.

Is there a medical center and pharmacy?

Yes, Abiego has a 24 hour emergency medical service and pharmacy.

Is there a supermarket in the village?

Yes, there is a small supermarket where you can buy bread, fruit and commodities.

Is there swimming pool / sports center in the town?

Yes, the town has two swimming pools, one large and one small, ideal for very young children. It also has free to use football court, sports pitches and swings.

Is there a bar-restaurant in the village?

Yes, where you can have a set lunch or dinner menu, or snacks, etc.

Is it possible to hire a guide to do canyoning and rent wetsuits?

Yes, if you are interested, we can help you.

Reviews of our guests

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